Crossing Paths Journey

IMG_5615Alabama Spay/Neuter’s Business Development Coordinator, Dani Pelt, went on the Crossing Paths Journey to promote awareness of how overpopulated shelters are in Alabama. The Crossing Paths Journey was 24 hours long. The transport truck traveled from Locust Fork, Al to Newtown, PA carrying 72 dogs. 40 of the dogs were pre-adopted and the rest were put up for adoption at the PetSmart in Newtown, PA. “Some of the families were so happy they were crying. It was a rewarding experience watching the dogs placed into their forever homes knowing that they may have been euthanized had it not been for Crossing Paths,” commented Dani.

Crossing Paths is a 501(c)3 animal rescue organization based in Locust Fork, Alabama. Mary Ellen Tidwell, the President of Crossing Paths Animal Rescue,  visits one of the many the high-kill facilities in Alabama and removes as many adoptable dogs as she can accommodate in her own kennels and foster homes.   Dogs which are adopted by families in the Northeast are transported every two to three weeks to PA/NJ/NY and various locations in the Northeast.

IMG_5916When the transport leaves to bring the adopted dogs north, Mary Ellen returns to the high-kill facility to fill the vacancies left by the adopted dogs. What does this mean for you? EVERY DOG THAT YOU ADOPT FROM CROSSING PATHS MEANS THAT YOU HAVE NOT ONLY SAVED YOUR DOG, BUT YOU HAVE PROVIDED ROOM SO THAT ANOTHER CAN BE RESCUED.

You may find more pictures and videos of the Crossing Paths Journey on the Alabama Spay/Neuter Facebook Page.

You may also search #CrossingPathsJourney or #AdoptADogWithASouthernDrawl on Facebook to find more information.