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The General Fund:

The need for our services in Alabama is great, and we’ve set big goals for ourselves in the fight to prevent the unnecessary deaths of cats and dogs every year.


  • Surgeries Per Year – 14,000
  • Feral Free and Roaming Cats – 2,000
  • Snip Income Assistance Program – 3,000

Alabama Spay/Neuter needs $650,000 to make our goals a reality. If we’re going to reach these goals, we need your help! We’ve set up the following sponsorship levels so you can see exactly what your donation can do:

$75 – Kitty Cash – Donate Now!
The cost to spay/neuter one cat or dog and provide them with life-saving vaccines.

$1,000 – Beagle Bucks – Donate Now!
The cost to spay/neuter 10 animals and provide them with life-saving vaccines.

$4,000 – Dalmatian Dinero – Donate Now!
The cost of a day of cat surgeries and providing them with the vaccinations they need.

$5,000 – Greyhound Greenbacks – Donate Now!
Sponsor a day of spay and neutering for both cats and dogs. You can come in and see your gift in action!

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