Screen shot 2015-04-21 at 4.07.34 PMHow can you help the community?

Learn Trap-Neuter-Release (TNR)

Communities throughout Alabama face a population crisis of homeless cats, many of them too wild to be placed in homes. They reproduce rapidly and, as their numbers grow, so does the noise, odor and other problems. But now there is something you can do!

Trap-Neuter-Release involves trapping all the cats in a colony, getting them spayed and neutered, adopting out the kittens and friendly cats, then returning the feral adult cats back to their territory and providing them with food and shelter. TNR significantly reduces the noise from fighting, odor from spraying, and more litters of kittens.

This progressive approach is becoming the preferred method of stray cat population control throughout the nation. A managed TNR program reduces cat intake at local shelters, saving tax dollars. Numerous agencies have endorsed TNR, and it’s use grows everyday. Low-cost spay/neuter services and training are available at Alabama Spay/Neuter.

ASN has many TNR volunteers trapping/ releasing and spreading the word. Email to become a volunteer. 

Feral Cat Policy

  1. All feral cats must be in a trap when dropped off for surgery.
  2. For the safety of your cat and our staff, we will not transfer the cat from the carrier into a trap.
  3. Cats will not be transferred from the carrier to the trap on the transport truck.
  4. Alabama Spay/ Neuter has traps available for rent in your compliance regarding this matter. Read Below.
  5. Feral cats will only be accepted on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

Stray cat vs Feral Cat

Spay/Neuter Pricing

for Feral and Stray Cats

Includes a spay or neuter surgery, Rabies Vaccination, FVRCP Vaccination and ear tip at Alabama Spay/Neuter.

Includes a spay or neuter surgery, Rabies Vaccination, and ear tip at Alabama Spay/Neuter for sociable, stray cats.

  • Cat Trap Rental – $65 deposit – When you return the trap you get $60 back. 

Not sure what an ‘Ear Tip’ is? Scroll down for more information on the ear tip and why it must be done to community cats.

Havahart sells humane cat traps. Click HERE to purchase your own trap. 

For more information regarding trapping or care for community cats. Please feel free to visit the following websites:

Click to visit Alley Cat Allies

Click to visit the ASPCA

Click to visit the Humane Society of the United States



Ear tip

What is an Ear Tip?

  • It is painlessly removing a quarter inch off the top of a feral cat’s left ear while the cat is anesthetized for spay/neutering.

  • Ear tipping the universal symbol of and the only way to permanently identify a feral cat who’s been evaluated, vaccinated, and sterilized.

  • It ensures that a sterile cat will not undergo unnecessary repeat trapping and surgery.



Help Spread the Word!

Print out and share this downloadable brochure:

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