Transport Pre-Op Instructions

  1. You must have an appointment.
    Call 1-877-334-9738 to schedule your pet for surgery.
  2. Prepayment is required at the time you make a reservation for your pet(s.) Click to view our Prepayment Policy. 
  3. No appointment needed for feral cats. They must come in a cat trap. Feral cats will not be transferred from a carrier to a trap on the transport truck.
  4. While setting up the appointment over the phone, our transport staff completes the necessary admission form. They will ask you a series of questions that we need to know about your pet before they come for surgery. Admission typically takes 10 minutes to complete.
  5. Bring a transport-approved carrier (hard plastic and no wire kennels) for each of your pets.
    SOFT CARRIERS ARE NOT SAFE AND WILL NOT BE APPROVED. If you do not have a carrier, we can provide one for you.
  6. All adult animals must have food withdrawn at midnight the night before surgery. Animals 4 months or younger may have a snack (1 tablespoon) until 6:00 a.m. the morning of surgery. Your pet may have water.
  7. We require that you abide by the Alabama State Law and have a current rabies vaccination for your pet. Bring your pet’s rabies certificate to the designated pick-up point. If your pet does not have a rabies vaccination certificate, we will administer a rabies vaccine at the time of surgery for a charge of $16.00.
  8. Transport patients stay at the clinic overnight for no extra charge.
    Your pet will be returned to you at the designated time and place the day after surgery.
  9. You may want to bathe your pet before surgery, as he/she will not be allowed to get wet for 7-10 days post-surgery.
  10. If you bring your own carrier, make sure it is clean and disinfected.
  11. Carriers should contain newspapers or other absorbent material in carrier. (No hay, straw, or cat litter)
  12. No food or snacks in the carrier.
  13. At the point of pick-up you will fill out a brief pre-surgical screening questionnaire so that we my further serve you and your pet to the best of our ability.
  14. For the safety of you and your pets, leave your pet(s) in the car until paperwork is completed.